Computer Water Cooling Kit With High-Grade Copper Antioxidant Durable


Product description

Application: Processor
Lines: None
Type: Water Cooling
Model Number: TSRP-BP360
Name: Copper radiator
Thread: G1/4
Threaded hole position: 2
Number of pipes: 12
Surface treatment: spraying
size:Screw: length 12 (total length about 31mm) + short 12 (total length about 9mm), thread is 6 #32.
Specifications: about 393mm * width 120mm * thickness 27mm (excluding inlet and outlet thread height)
Package Contents:
1* Brass radiator
1* set Mounting screw
Note: The above length parameters do not include the thickness of the two-end plug.



    It can be used for: computer water cooling radiators, beauty equipment, air purifier, 3D printing equipment, large LED and other equipment requiring high power dissipation

    Exquisite workmanship, no weak welds nor glue.

    Has been designed and optimized, so it can offer high-performance cooling at very low noise levels.

    Made of high-grade copper, antioxidant and durable.

    G1/4 port, easy to install and disassemble.

FREEZEMOD Copper Radiator, Heat Sink (Supports 3 x 120mm Fans)

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